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I'm in love.

2007-09-09 08:32:59 by Cazale

Newgrounds, I...have a confession to make...

See the girl below? I've fallen in love with her. Now, now, I know "love at first sight" is widely speculated to be a bunch of bull shit but...that's what happened, plain and simple.

Everytime I close my eyes, I see her face and my heart skips a beat. When I sleep, I see her there...watching me as I continue my dreadful existence.

It pains me, Newgrounds. Truly. For I know that I have absolutely no chance in hell with this girl. It rips my heart apart to know that she will never even be aware that I exist on the same planet as her, let alone know how I feel.

I love her, Newgrounds...

I'm in love.


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2007-09-22 12:42:26

madness day is not based of 300 you moron!


2007-09-23 02:51:57

alls i can say about that pic is woooow
and uh no jes wow


2007-09-23 07:04:13

Looks disgusting

Has she painted her eyebrows on?!