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Madness? This is a RIP OFF!!!!!

2007-09-23 02:14:46 by Cazale

Ok. I loved 300 as much as the next guy, but naming an entire day after an already stale fad movie is ridiculous and the fact that you morons are getting into it is even worse. Is NG really this low? I've already seen a steady decline in quality over the months I've been here so I can only imagine what later sign ups are going through.

At the very least the characters could have resembled the ones in the movie, but Stamper was obviously too lazy to put in facial details.

Protip: They didn't have guns back then, idiots.

Please shut up about Sparta.

Madness?  This is a RIP OFF!!!!!

I'm in love.

2007-09-09 08:32:59 by Cazale

Newgrounds, I...have a confession to make...

See the girl below? I've fallen in love with her. Now, now, I know "love at first sight" is widely speculated to be a bunch of bull shit but...that's what happened, plain and simple.

Everytime I close my eyes, I see her face and my heart skips a beat. When I sleep, I see her there...watching me as I continue my dreadful existence.

It pains me, Newgrounds. Truly. For I know that I have absolutely no chance in hell with this girl. It rips my heart apart to know that she will never even be aware that I exist on the same planet as her, let alone know how I feel.

I love her, Newgrounds...

I'm in love.


2007-08-15 00:29:35 by Cazale